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Antonoff & Co. Brokerage offers investment acquisition, sales and advising services for buyers and sellers encompassing the full range of commercial and income producing properties, including retail, office, industrial, net leased investments, and agricultural properties. We also help our clients obtain valuable tax benefits by assisting in the management of the often challenging and complex 1031 exchange process.

Buyer Representation Services.
We are known for our ability to secure the best investment opportunities, assisting business owners with the purchase of their own commercial real estate or land so they can reap the benefits of property ownership. We regularly comb markets for off-market deals for the benefit of our clients. Our years of experience as property owners and investors gives our clients a decisive edge- we are able to bring our knowledge and creativity to help our clients find hidden value in real estate opportunities that is often overlooked by others.

Seller Representation Services.
Antonoff & Co. Brokerage, Inc.’s breadth and depth of experience in leasing enables us to create value for our clients in ways other investment sales professionals cannot. We are able to help our clients secure new leases and restructure existing leases to maximize their property’s sale value. Using an unrivaled combination of expertise, resources, and capabilities include performing intense due diligence, employing sophisticated tactics to ensure the best process as well as the most qualified buyer; maintaining a current and comprehensive list of investors interested in commercial real estate, income producing properties and single net leased investments in the Colorado market; leveraging our resources and industry contacts to expand or reach well beyond the Colorado market; and utilizing compelling marketing to attract investors.


Antonoff & Co. Brokerage Associates are skilled in every facet of the retail brokerage business, whether tenant or Landlord representation. They understand how closely real estate is tied to your business and work to develop strategies that benefit your bottom line. Retailers have unique real estate needs that cannot be satisfied with cookie cutter approaches. Antonoff & Co. Brokerage has demonstrated a reputation for finalizing transactions with national, regional, and local retailers throughout Colorado because we know and understand the needs and economics of the retail world from every perspective: the users, the owners, and the investors. This gives us a significant edge in creating long term leases and win-win situations for all parties.

Tenant Representation. We understand how real estate decisions have a significant impact on your business and work to develop strategies that benefit your bottom line. Antonoff & Co. Brokerage, Inc. offers our clients vast local market knowledge and deep landlord relationships. We assist you in developing a real estate strategy based upon a deep understanding of your business and customers. Our valuable negotiation skills help you identify the most important deal points and secure the best deal. Our brokers will use creative approaches to evaluate unique opportunities, including upcoming new developments and off-market opportunities.

Landlord Representation. Antonoff & Co. Brokerage, Inc.’s professionals bring decades of knowledge and expertise to commercial property owners and investors. Being property owners and developers ourselves, we understand what it takes to create value for our clients. Our approach is to increase and maintain stable occupancy through a thoughtful and astute approach to leasing including keeping a close eye on tenant mix. We seek to maximize tenant retention, achieve optimal rents, an enhance value for our clients.


Antonoff & Co. Brokerage, Inc. is well versed in the purchase and sale of singlet tenant net leased investments, both locally and nationwide.

NNN Seller Services. Single tenant net leased investments can provide investors with an attractive, stable yield plus appreciation, while offering some measure of safety and security. We will help you understand the important risks and rewards to consider when buying in this asset class including matters such as long versus short term leases, financial strength of tenants, older versus newer construction, financing considerations, and holding assets for the long term versus buying with the intent of selling quickly.

Landlord Representation. We offer a free and speedy market evaluation of your property to inform you of your property’s worth and the likely duration of the sales process. We have a team of determined, focused brokers, we produce professional and impactful brochures and other marketing materials, and subscribe to a wide array of the latest marketing tools to make sure that your property gets worldwide exposure and that we find you the best buyer at the best price.


"From raw unapproved tracts to finished commercial pads, our team has brokered or advised clients on more than thousands of acres of unimproved land down to infill sites. Our normal transactions range from pads or 3 or more residential units to larger more future development sites to parcels of 20,000+ acres of agricultural or ranch land."

The land division of Antonoff and company always puts the client’s interests first and foremost. We ask the important questions from both of our buyers and sellers to best address each client’s individual needs. After hearing those needs we will advise and often add our input from the point of view that this how we would move forward if the assets were our very own!

Our teams will not compromise on integrity. Our clients’ interests come first, and only then do we all succeed.

When listing we market our properties to the largest pool of qualified buyers available, we first start by identifying the highest and best use of the property and then go after the end user that best suits that scenario always trying to obtain out client’s objectives on price, timing and future use of their land. When working with a buyer, our long history of tracking and analyzing all available properties comes into play. We determine both logical and outside of the box opportunities that are often hidden from firms who simply search a MLS system for a client. We are committed to performing at the highest level and are often noted for our ability in uncovering timely and pertinent information regarding future values for a parcel.

Our ability to scale from infill land sites, to redevelopment and from pad sites to large master-planned communities is unrivaled along the front range. We credit our success due to long standing relationships with land owners, end users, developers, investors and homebuilders as well as those who fund these organizations.

One of our secrets to success is that we strongly encourage our team members to become part of and engage with the myriad of organizations who are involved with land development or industry influencers. This allows us to far more knowledgeable and more effective than most brokerage houses in the acquisition and disposition of land and land-related assets.

We welcome the opportunity to become your personal advocate and truly appreciate the opportunity to help one achieve their own succeed by assembling a customized team in achieve the best possible outcome for our clients.


Several of our accomplished brokers specialize in industrial properties and can provide expert advise in this product segment- whether industrial leasing or sales. No matter the kind or size of industrial space, whether a 2,000 SF warehouse or a 100,000 SF distribution facility, Antonoff & Co. Brokerage is equipped to get your projects leased or sold.


We have successfully negotiated numerous office building sales and office lease transactions for a wide array of clients and provide excellent service to tenants, landlords, buyers and sellers. Our team offers in depth market knowledge, strong negotiation skills, access to the most extensive information systems available and a penchant for understanding the specific needs of property owners, tenants and buyers.


While Antonoff & Co. Brokerage, Inc. is primarily a commercial brokerage operation, we possess expertise in representing buyers and sellers in residential and bed and breakfast transactions.